I don’t think I’m alone in saying that if I could just write and the stories would magically release and promote themselves then that would be an idea way to go. I’ve talked about how I made writing my “happy place”, the self-care I do when life gets rough. All the rest of it? Well some of it I do better with than other parts, but there’s one thing I’ve learned and that is to avoid burnout and take the stress out of being an author, it’s about finding a balance.

I’m pleased to hear people talk about creating a sustainable writing career. Not one that relies on unsustainable production processes, pouring vast amounts of money into ads and promotion, or keeping a schedule that simply doesn’t work when life happens. It’s doing these things that upsets our creative nervous system. Or rather, it’s doing them in a way that’s out of balance with our nature.

What do I mean by that? Well, for example, I love technology and learning new things. So formatting my own books (I use Jutoh) makes sense to me. Having uploaded books as a publisher for many years, taking care of that also works for me. That part of book production works with the way my system and my brain does. (That’s the important part, finding a way that works with your brain.)

If you feel like book production, for example, stresses you out, then find someone to format your books for you. Or trade work with other writing friends if they can format and you have skills that can help them, forming your own mutual co-op.

Balance isn’t something you set and forget. It’s a constantly changing, evolving process to figure out what is working for you at any given moment and what will help keep your creative nervous system balanced and functioning so you can write your stories as well as release them in a manner that works for you.

I encourage you to experiment. And network with other authors. Most of all, keep working to find the balance.