I help authors who are…



battling burnout, especially neurodivergent burnout

just starting out and not sure how to navigate publishing

currently publishing and feeling stuck or not sure what to do next

seeking to write and publish in alignment with their mind, body, and spirit even if they don’t fit in the above categories (but want to avoid feeling stuck/burnout)

I have experience with…


fantasy/science fiction

romance (especially erotic, M/M, or menage paranormal)

personal memoirs

spiritual/religious/new age nonfiction

young adult genre fiction

What does a holistic author coach do?


I listen, hold space for whatever you’re dealing with, and then together, we decide on the next steps that are right for you. I can provide a new perspective on your work.

I practice unconditional positive regard with all my clients. This is a basic acceptance and support of you regardless of where you are on the publishing path. I respect your humanity, your dignity, and your personal autonomy.

More importantly, I help you access the creativity and solutions hidden inside you so you can create your own path forward. A coach doesn’t tell you WHAT TO DO, a coach helps you tap into that part of yourself that KNOWS the next step.

How does it work?

We talk through a video call or text or email — your choice of medium — about your work. Where are you stuck? What’s going great? What are your plans?

I have a comprehensive toolkit of modalities and practices we can use to come to some answers. Some are based in psychology. Others are based in our subconscious symbols and rhythms.

We find answers and I stay with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals.

What can coaching help me with?

  • Finding a writing rhythm and flow
  • Dealing with writer’s block
  • Planning out series and character arcs
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Making career changes
  • Choosing which publishing type is right for me
  • Finding the love for writing again
  • Fighting burnout
  • Putting burnout in remission
  • Avoiding burnout
  • Work-life balance
  • Balancing health and writing, especially for those of us with chronic illnesses
  • And so much more…