9 Pen Names
Over 200 books
Published since 2002
Editor for over 10 years
Publisher for over 10 years
Still loving writing and publishing

Kit Caelsto loves helping authors find ways to be creative, write, and publish in a holistic, sustaining manner so they can continue to tell the stories they love without getting stressed out!

Kit’s publishing career has spanned over twenty years, many genres, and just as many pen names. Currently Kit writes fantasy (adult and YA) set in the Radio Arcanum universe and equestrian stories for both the YA and adult audiences. Many of Kit’s stories feature disabled or queer characters.

After graduating magna cum laude from Missouri State University with a bachelors degree in Religious Studies and minoring in Psychology (almost completing a second degree), Kit is working on a masters degree in Religious Studies. Combined with Kit’s training in yoga and meditation, as well as a trauma-informed approach to mindfulness and daily living, Kit seeks to bring these skills into the publishing world and focus on a holistic approach to being an author.

Hair color may change depending on the season, but Kit’s love of writing remains in their life.