Is it okay to work on more than one project at once? That’s a common question I’m seeing in writing groups these days, whether it’s talking about novels, serials, or other forms of writing. There’s a common belief that you have to write one project all the way through, edit it, polish it, publish it, before you start another projects. And the truth is not everyone’s brains work that way. Even better, you can write in whatever way works for you.

What does it look like to juggle multiple projects?

It can look however you want it to look. Some people have a set schedule, writing on certain projects on certain days. Others bounce back and forth depending on where their interest and motivation is on any given day. You set the schedule, or lack thereof, that works for you. Experiment if you want to see what works best.

How do multiple projects help creativity?

For some the idea of writing an entire novel all the way through means there’s a risk of getting bored. If you’re writing a little bit each day it can take months, if not longer, to finish the book. Sustaining interest over that period of time can be difficult. When you work between multiple projects, you can remain engaged and interested because there’s something new and novel for your brain to work with.

You don’t have to write multiple projects or switch up genres if that doesn’t work for your brain. But if you’re struggling to keep the momentum going on a project, trying something new may be exactly what you need to get back in the groove.