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Hello! I’m Kit Caelsto, the Author Yogi, and my passion is helping authors liberate their muses so they write without self-doubt, shame, blame, or pain. I’m all about working with your mind, body, and spirit to avoid burnout and kick stress to the curb. I help you experience radical liberation so you can be creative, tell the stories you love, and enjoy being an author again.

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I had the pleasure of working with Kit on my memoir. We collaborated effectively and their expertise improved my depth, scope, and technique. I loved working with Kit. You will too.



Wondering if the Author Yogi offers yoga classes? They do! While yoga can be a part of the author coaching experience if you’re looking for just yoga classes, head on over to their companion site.

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Finding Sustainable Writing With Your Creative Neurotype

Finding Sustainable Writing With Your Creative Neurotype

There's a lot of talk in the publishing world today, at least in some quarters, about finding a sustainable way to create your author career. I'm all for that! I am one hundred percent behind sustainability as a path to being an author today. But in order to create...

Are you the consumer or what’s being sold?

Are you the consumer or what’s being sold?

The leading cause of enshittification of the internet is that the very people who use services like social media or crowdfunding platforms are now what's being sold--not the service itself. We've gotten away from selling goods and products to selling people and...

Feed Your Creativity By Changing Up What You Write

Feed Your Creativity By Changing Up What You Write

Is it okay to work on more than one project at once? That's a common question I'm seeing in writing groups these days, whether it's talking about novels, serials, or other forms of writing. There's a common belief that you have to write one project all the way...

Finding Purpose is the Key to Following Your Calling

Finding Purpose is the Key to Following Your Calling

Last night I watched the first episode of World Eats Bread, which talks about sourdough bread in San Francisco and some of the bakeries, like Rize Up Bakery, that are doing amazing things. The bottom line was that the individuals profiled followed their passion. They...

About Me


Throughout my 20+ year career in publishing, I’ve always been mentoring others, sharing the wisdom of someone who has published over 200 books (per my KDP dashboard) and been there, done that. However as I’m pursing a MA in Religious Studies, I feel a calling to do more, to help authors stuck in the quagmire of doing too much and burning out. To be more than someone who churns out widgets for market. And that’s why I founded the Author Yogi, which complements the work I do at Epona Author Solutions and provide a way for all of us to write the stories that move us, stories that nourish our souls, and as authors, find ourselves becoming one with the story. My goal is true author liberation.